In this Crossout Game Modes Guide, we’ll be talking about the PVP modes you can play. If you’re looking to test your skills against other players, then these game modes are for you. Check your guns and buckle up, this is going to to be a very bumpy, bullet-ridden ride!

Crossout Game Modes

Our Wasteland Informant has just checked in the Workshop and has the overview of what you’ll be encountering in the Wastelands. Not all Crossout game modes are made equal so check out this video for a quick refresher.

Crossout Game Modes – PVP

First off, we have Missions. Two teams go against each other in a battle to defeat all enemies. Depending on the map, the team can also win by securing a neutral point or points, or if one team captures the enemy base. When the timer ends and no one has captured the base or defeated all allies, the team with the most number of remaining vehicles wins. Rewards are Scrap, Batteries, and wires which you can use to craft parts or trade in the market.

Next up, we have the Battle Royale. Battle Royale is a no holds barred, free for all survivor death match. Thirty players start off with the same weaponless car, and must scavenge parts across the map while fighting other players. The maps in Battle Royale will start with full scale area zone in which the playable area eventually decreased by the incoming storm, forcing players to hunt down other survivors or the storm destroys them. The rewards include crates containing valuable parts and materials. There is only one winner at the end.

Brawls is one of the Crossout Game Modes where it’s every Survivor for themselves. Brawl types vary in objective in various forms of free for all so be sure to check what type of Brawl is active before jumping in. A few examples are Race, Storm Warning, Big Black Scorpions, and free for all. Race mode is unique as players need to take part n a circuit race with tricky corners and obstacles. There can be only one winner and the first to clear all checkpoints wins. All mounted weapons are deactivated.

Finally. a full-fledged war for Uranium ore happens during Clan Battles. Clan battles is a game mode where members of two clans battle it out in the valley. The clan with the most kills or points wins bragging rights and Uranium ore, one of the most valuable material in the game for crafting relic parts.

Check out the video and other helpful links

These are just some of the game modes you can find in Crossout. Whether cooperative or competitive, there’s a match waiting for Survivors to test their driving, shooting, and looting skills. Check out the video version here:

If you really want to see some Wasteland action, check out PewDiePie’s custom Wasteland creation as he takes it out for a spin!

And don’t forget to authenticate your PlayPark ID before jumping into the game, Survivor! For more information, check out the official Crossout website and the official PlayPark website.