Survivors may be asking how to authenticate a PlayPark ID in Crossout after they downloaded the game installer from the official download page. It’s easy! It can be done in 3 simple steps. There is a video version at the end so if you’re looking for that, we’ve included it for you!

However, if you want a video version on how to authenticate a PlayPark ID for Crossout, scroll down after the steps! So what are you waiting for, Survivor? We need to know if you’re legit. Authenticate your account!

How to authenticate a PlayPark ID for Crossout

Step 1: Locate the Crossout game folder in your PC

Step 2: In that folder, right click the empty space and choose “New” > “Text Document” from the dropdown menu

Step 3: Rename the Text Document to “asiasoft” then remove the “.tct” file extension

how to authenticate a PlayPark ID
how to authenticate a PlayPark ID

After doing the steps above, congratulations! You have now learned how to authenticate a PlayPark ID for Crossout! Close the window, launch the game, and start your engine! It’s time to craft, ride, and destroy!

If you made a PlayPark ID (PPID) via email, it would show your email address before the “@”.

For PPIDs made via mobile, it would show randomly-generated alphaneumeric text (letters and numbers). Check out the video version of the guide here:

From here, you can now change your nickname or in-game name. You can also check out what we have in store for aspiring Crossout content creators in the near future! The Wasteland is always looking for competent engineers and if you’re looking to build your dream channel, join us! Send a message to Ivy XO via our official Facebook page!

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