PewDiePie’s truck crashes into battle in Crossout! It was a wild day in the Wastelands when PewDiePie showed off his truck and custom paintjob in the Workshop before trying out different builds in battle.

Youtube sensation PewDiePie shows off his awesome crafting skills and killer machine as he conquers the toughest Valley yet. In this video, he demonstrates and test drive his arsenal of rigid vehicles with his signature crazy antics. He also shows us how to “slam dunk” your enemies the Survivor way!

pewdiepie's truck

PewDiePie starts off with a quick run through of the game and then looks into some of the vehicles from actual players.

PewDiePie’s truck enters the Wastelands

After that, it’s time for PewDiePie’s truck to go on a few test runs! He quickly finds a quirky vehicle that got his interest and after a few modifications, takes it out onto the battlefield!

Throughout the playthrough, PewDiePie and PewDiePie’s truck showcased how damage works in Crossout. You can shoot enemy weapons off them, or you can blow up parts of their vehicle to reduce their movement and total defense.

However, PewDiePie’s kickass truck is just one example of how you can create your own vehicle of mayhem. Crossout allows you to mix and match parts and weapons in your Workshop so you can go wild with your designs. You can learn a thing or two from PewDiePie’s tips and tricks and who knows, this might lead you to that sweet victory!

pewdiepie's truck

You too can craft, ride, and destroy with your dream car! Crossout is now in Southeast Asia for closed beta testing. Download the game now!

But before you get behind the wheel and start causing chaos, don’t forget to authenticate your PlayPark ID account and remember that you can change your nickname for free!

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